What's the best sitting posture to avoid pain in the waist?

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    I’ve been working in an office and most of my time was spent sitting in front of a computer. At the end of the day, my waist is painful. Is there a right sitting posture for this? How about treatment?

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    I would like to hear any recommendation from all of you.

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    Hello, Ress. I have also the same experience as you. What I used to do to eliminate the pain is to stand sometime and have a water break while chatting one of my office mates. It straightened my back for a while.

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    Hi Dayday! Thanks for replying on my concern. I will try to consider your advice this week in the office. As of this time, I’m trying to look some sitting postures to lessen back pain.

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    Hi Ress222,

    Have you tried some of the ergonomic foot rests or pillows that can help with posture?

    Take care,

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