What's the best sitting posture to avoid pain in the waist?

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      I’ve been working in an office and most of my time was spent sitting in front of a computer. At the end of the day, my waist is painful. Is there a right sitting posture for this? How about treatment?

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      I would like to hear any recommendation from all of you.

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      Hello, Ress. I have also the same experience as you. What I used to do to eliminate the pain is to stand sometime and have a water break while chatting one of my office mates. It straightened my back for a while.

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      Hi Dayday! Thanks for replying on my concern. I will try to consider your advice this week in the office. As of this time, I’m trying to look some sitting postures to lessen back pain.

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      Hi Ress222,

      Have you tried some of the ergonomic foot rests or pillows that can help with posture?

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      Hi, I had the same experience in my usual office hours, then one of my friends suggests me to explore https://theluxurychairs.com. I bought a chair from this guide and one-year lapses, and I have no problem like back pain or uncomforted.

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      Games are played on computers for long periods of time by most gamers. Research indicates that the average American plays video games on her or his console for eight hours and twenty-seven minutes each week. Spending too much time playing games while sitting for long hours can result in severe back pain and poor posture. As a gamer, you recognize the appeal of investing in high-tech equipment to enhance your gaming experience. In order to prevent back pain from occurring, it’s imperative to get high-quality gaming chairs.

      There are numerous ergonomic features on gaming chairs that eliminate back pain. With features such as a reclined back, pillow for the head, adjustable headrest, rocking chair, etc., you get a lot for your money. Some chairs, however, don’t feature all these features. Consumers should be sure to know what they are getting themselves into before buying one. The same back issues would result from getting an average chair.

      Chairs Advice company devoted a lot of attention to reviewing the Best Gaming Chair for Back Pain. In addition to being fully equipped with the latest features, these chairs are great for relieving all of your back pain.

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      This cream is unmatched for pain relief in the saddle. It got me back my horses.


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