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      kay a few days ago i started getting lower back pain after lifting something. ojay i took some medication and went away and friday something. okay yesterday i was carrying a heavy load of items that i found a yard sale. okay i carried it for long time and by when i about to get to the car i could not carried i was in pain but still able to work somewhat i had to bend down a little. Today the pain is still there. last night it went away for a bit but still there also. i have urine hesitancy So i had trouble durning the week ago so i thought it was a kidney infection at first it was warm out and off and my pee is light yellow and clear after drinking some water. I did speak to my doctor about the urine hesitancy and he said its nothing to worried about but i am going to see a urologist. the pain moves from middle and to my left latissimus dorsi is there anything i can do to make the pain stop. the pain is about a 5 I notice the pain comes and goes example when i sit often times it goes away same when lying down but when i get moving it starts to hurt again

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      Hello, Detour12,

      We are sorry to hear you are experiencing this pain. We are unable to suggest any treatments for you as we are not medical professionals. We read you are going to see a urologist and that is good. Even though you did speak to your doctor it is hard to make a diagnosis over the phone, can you make an appointment and go in to see him? That way he can evaluate you with a physical examination.

      We wish you all the best in finding the cause of this pain and discomfort and getting a treatment that helps lower the pain or resolves it.

      We will be here to support in whatever ways we can.

      Take care,

      TPC Yaya
      TPC Community Moderator

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