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      Hi, my name is Kara Moyer I am a 28 year
      Old female. I just joined because I need
      Help. 1 year ago I went into the ER with
      Severe back pain, and elevated liver enzymes. The pain is constant and feels
      Like a deep sharp ache. The hospital found a 2mm kidney Stone but said there is no way one that Small would cause issues. They put me on Meds and sent me home. I passed the kidney Stone and sure enough I still had the bad Right Mid back and rib pain. My right back And rib pain is constant but with pain meds It drops to a 2.When I excercise i get no i get no Pain at all. However 2 to 3 hours later I Will be in agony with right rib and Back pain coming thru my meds. It last For almost 3 days sometime. I’ve had
      Mri’s of my thoracic spine and cat scan
      Of my kidneys and the doctors cannot find a cause. My symptoms are Right Mid back pain
      And right lower rib pain sometimes radiating
      Into my upper abdominal quadrant. I get
      Terrible migraines made worse when standing
      And tend to get muscle or joint pain. I was currently diagnosed with IC and my doctor
      Said it would not cause back pain. I also
      Have a small ovarian cyst on my right
      Ovary but my doctor again said it was to
      Small to cause symptoms. My prior health
      History is as follows. I had gastroparesis for 1 year(gone now). I have had my gallbladder removed, I had shingles 8 years ago when I was 21. I had a bladder tumor
      Removed, And I have 7 lung nodules from
      A pneumonia infection that was not treated.
      (The Dr said they were all nothing to worry
      About). Kidney stone(gone now) and ovarian cyst. Now I am having this mid right back
      And rib pain constantly and don’t know what
      Is causing it. Please if any of you know
      Or have any suggestions on what this could
      Be pls let me know!

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