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      10x Pure Is My Salvation From Pain

      How do I know this stuff works! I ran out and I am now suffering again!
      In June 2017 I got a bad traumatic brain injury that affects your brain function. Effects are usually temporary but can include headaches and problems with concentration, memory, balance and coordination. This resulted in ongoing headaches, dizziness, forgetfulness – to where I would be driving and couldn’t remember how to get to work, to home (which was pretty scary) and it also left me in a bad emotional state feeling depressed and at times anxious.
      I eventually started getting injections in my head (about 20-30 needles with a bit of freezing) to numb my head so my brain could start to rewire itself. I have a very high pain tolerance but let me tell you there is no greater pain than that many needles in your skull!
      It did help though… temporarily, so I would get injections every 4-6 weeks. After almost a year of that I finally tried CBD. I quickly started to feel better and haven’t gone for injections since Sept 2018.
      I have felt great! No headaches, emotionally calm, stable, nothing upsets me. I am back to having amazing daily meditations which I struggled to do while suffering from the concussion.
      BUT….this week…I ran out!!! The last two days I have had a brutal headache, I struggled to meditate yesterday. I wanted to cry and didn’t know why, I don’t remember a conversation with my husband (5 min after having it). It’s like I am back in that whole brain injury hole of darkness. Even my husband has noticed a difference in me.
      I always say there is an opportunity or lesson in every situation even when we are suffering. What I learned here is that CBD Works and it works amazingly!!! I have an order coming and I sure hope it gets here soon!
      My advice is to find the products/dosing that works best for you and order in bulk! Don’t run out!!!

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