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      If you know any doctors/researchers/scientists in Australia I would love for them to hear this. Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome is a disease with no cure or real form of treatment that helps all. I believe I know a way to find a cure for this disease. Have you ever heard of a Platypus? A unique creature with unique properties. Did you know that these duck billed beaver tailed egg laying specimens have venom that they inject through spurs on their legs? This venom is also quite unique, it cause your sympathetic nervous system to overload causing intense pain that lasts for a few months possibly before subsiding. That sounds an awful lot like Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome if you ask me. So perhaps if they could formulate an antivenom from these creatures they could try to use it to either treat or cure crps? I’m no doctor or scientist, but antivenoms have been made for almost all poisonous creatures so this should be possible right?

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