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    I’m suffering from a toothache for the last two weeks. I also have shooting pains near my eyes. So I consulted a nearby dentist. He took the x-ray of my teeth. The x-ray revealed that one of my wisdom teeth has an inclination and it is touching another tooth.

    So that tooth started to decay and caused the pain.
    Then I had the wisdom tooth removal last week.
    So now I don’t have a toothache. But the pain behind the eye is still there. Actually, it is getting worse day by day.

    I don’t know what’s causing this pain. I’m really confused.
    Please let me know if anyone here had any similar experiences.

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    you should visit a dentist to cure the pain. Taking a pain killer can reduce pain just for some time and with time the problem will increase.

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    Have you described all your symptoms to a neurologist? Depending on your insurance you may need a referral. It’s worth a try. Hope this helps.


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    killing pain in my teeths

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