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      I had abdominal surgery few months ago. I had gallbladder and part of colon removed laproscopically. Things were going good for a few months until I started getting pain at one of the small incision sites when I was walking fast. Rest would help and I would be fine. It was getting worse and worse and I almost went to ER a few times since it felt like the incision was going to explode.

      Had CT which didn’t see any issues and if I take it easy pain is minimized. Problem is my life is not the same at all with the amount of taking it easy I have to do.

      Anyone ever have anything similar? Not sure what to do. Surgeon said we could give it a month or two of this taking it easy and if it doesn’t work we could use block for nerves, cut nerve (both those options would make it so I wouldn’t know if there was a issue there in future). Could also go back in with camera and look around and cut scar tissue if that’s causing issue but again that could cause more scarring. Or I could go to pain clinic.
      No clue what to do but limiting my activity to this level for the rest of my life isn’t an option. Any suggestions?

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