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      Hey guys,
      My husband has been suffering from depression and anxiety problems for a while. He never attempted to talk about his issues to me, and it might be because he didn’t want me to feel anxious about him. We spend a lot of time together at home for the past few days due to COVID-19, and that really helped us to know each other than ever before.
      We talked a lot, and I got to know that he had a troubled childhood, where he was the first witness to his mother’s multiple suicide attempts. Even after 25 or 30 years, he still dreams about one of those old incidents, particularly, and he keeps thinking about it many times a day and gets emotionally stressed. It was the problem he had to go through in all these days.
      I wanted to help him, so I shared this with a psychologist I knew, and he told me that my husband might be experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder. After reading some articles about PTSD, I too got the same impression.
      I want to give him the best PTSD treatment as possible, so I would like to hear from people who had treated and recovered from PTSD. I want to get suggestions on doctors, clinics, therapies to deal with PTSD. Are there any specific meditations on breathing, regulating emotions connected to PTSD?

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