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      I have been without pain meds for over 8yrs of living with dxd MS. The family doctor I have says there is no pain with MS. I recently had surgery and problems with my teeth and abseces, so they gave me some meds. When I saw my family doctor next, I told him that the hospital to which I had been going to 2x a day for IV antiBs would not give me anything and my face was swollen to the point of my neck and ear were also swollen. He finally relented and gave me some meds. I have had this doc for over 23 yrs and have never gone seeking pain meds as he said.

      I have shown up at his office black and blue, sore all over from falling or vertigo. Never once asked for pain meds. When I did ask for pain meds for the muscle aches that nothing would relieve he gave me gabapentin, felt I was going to die for a bit. After a while my body did get use to the side effects of them. I am in Canada, but seem to have the same difficulties as the USA with getting pain meds. I was asked many question before he would give me a small amount. I wish he could walk a mile in my shoes as they say, to see the pain I do have with the MS. Let alone the pains I have from falling. Hoping to hear from other MS sufferers.

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