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      Hi all
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      Last month when I was driving, I lost car control and hit a nearby tree. Most of the car’s front portion gets damaged, and I was hospitalized for two weeks. I reached home two days before, and I’m still suffering from body pain, especially my shoulder pain. I share this issue with my doctor, and he suggested using shock wave therapy to get rid of this pain. So I’m planning to search for the treatment detail. Can anyone help me to know more about this treatment? Please share your thoughts and opinions on this. It would be a great help to me.

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      If shockwave therapy doesn’t work to fix your shoulder pain. Do try electrotherapy treatment to get rid of shoulder pain.
      On the off chance that an individual isn’t encountering adequate control of torment and different side effects, electrotherapy—a treatment that guides gentle electrical heartbeats to the issue region—might be an alternative.

      Electrotherapy incorporates a scope of medications utilizing power to diminish torment, improve the course, fix tissues, reinforce muscles, and advance bone development, prompting enhancements in physical working.

      While countless individuals discover electrotherapy accommodating, others don’t. The clinical writing on electrotherapy’s adequacy has been blended, and not all electrotherapy medicines are upheld by inquiring about. Electrotherapy gadgets extend in cost from under $30 to several dollars. A few of the more current items are accessible over the counter, offering adaptability for the individuals who can bear the cost of them.

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