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      Hello to all I have a question about my intrathecal morphine pump. I’m on my 3rd pump and have to start considering a 4’th. The truth is Ive never been sure if its ever helped me for my back pain and I’m getting tired of the co-pays and being tied to this pain clinic, as well as having to go thru the operation again. Which is kind of why I always kept the amount low, daily of 4.4mm.

      About a year ago I had them lessen by 10% with no real negative affects. Last time I saw the Doctor, a young fellow, I asked him if 4.4mm per 24 hours/no boulus was a lot and he threw a bunch of Doctor talk at me and told me it was. When my main Doctor came in I asked him the same question and he said it wasn’t, which embarrassed the student Doctor.

      Then I asked my main “how long would it take to wean off the pump completely”? He answered 5 or 6 weeks as an in patient. It was obvious from his body language and his answer that he was Lieing to me, especially since I had researched the question on the internet prior to asking it. But I know this guy and made a living for 30+ years telling when people were being dishonest.

      The question is “why would he tell me that”? I know how these device makers and big pharma grease these guys and I know how much he gets from them but I never would have guessed he would tell me a tall tale to me before. I just don’t get it, “dont ask me why since it was Doctors greed that put me in this position in the first place”. Then he went on to paint a horror story picture about how it would be like a heroin junkie going cold from withdrawal and other nonsense. And the entire thing is I want to try life away from Doctors and meds.

      I’m a failed back surgery patient bottom 3 levels with nerve pain in both legs and lately have been getting symptoms in my arms too. No numbness, or very little, just pain.

      I dont know what to do. This is a major pain center and I’m crushed he would tell me some nonsense like this. I know they make a lot of money filling these pumps but don’t patients mean anything to them? Thanks for any advice.

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