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      Hi, my name is Heather.
      I am 27 years old and have been living with chronic RA pain for about 11 years now, and this past year has been really rough.
      It’s hard for me to talk to others in my life who don’t really understand what I’m going through, and numerous hospital and doctor visits and not having energy to go out and do things like I usually can has left me feeling isolated.
      I was looking online at online chat groups to hoping meet some new friends and found this place 🙂
      Thanks for having me!

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      Hi Heather
      I just joined and it doesn’t seem like there is much activity going on. I know there is no shortage of people suffering from chronic pain. I’m sorry to hear you are one of them. I suffer from chronic back pain from a spinal fusion gone every way but good. I hope you can find some relief. Hopefully, I can catch you in the chat sometime. Take care.

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