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      I am a military spouse. I woke up one day 6 years ago in horrible back pain. After 3 weeks of the pain I finally decided to go to the dr on base. I was told it was a pulled muscle. Well it never went away. From that point on I had to fight with 4 different drs who said I was drug seeking, I kept asking for an MRI. I finally got one and my drs nurse called me and said I have two bulging disks and that the dr no longer would be my doctor anymore. I was dismissed and no one cared. Family from that point on kept saying they have pain too and they dont need pain meds and that its not that bad. Fast forward, a surgeon said I need a laminectomy off base clinic since the drs on base would no longer treat me. The surgery went horrible, 6 weeks later they had to go back in because of fluid that may or may not have been an infection, from this surgery I formed scar tissue on my nerves next to the bulging disks. They told me scar tissue doesn’t cause pain. Finally when we moved to a different state, I was finally treated for my pain and thought about the spinal cord stimulator, but not pressured into it. I finally had it done. We received orders right after the surgery. We were going to Japan. But after the military did our medical clearance because I was on pain meds. , they told my husband they denied for me to go. So I had to move back home (that was a nightmare), and the drs there had to remove the battery and put it in the correct spot because the surgeon didn’t stitch it into the muscle and it kept twisting and moved to my spine. While they did the surgery after I said goodbye to my husband for two years, they pulled me off of all meds. Detoxing after that surgery was absolute inhumane torture. So now I was all alone trying to take care of our two kids and the spinal cord stimulator didn’t help with the scar tissue pain. Family told my husband they would help me, they never did. I got a ride to and from the hospital, then told how lucky I am because the dr gave me 5 low dose pills of pain meds and I will be fine. I had 3 months of insomnia, I never knew anyone could still be alive after that long without sleep. The drs wouldn’t help me and said sleep meds aren’t good for anyone. I would rock back and forth all night long on the edge of my bed in so much pain and I felt so alone and so helpless. Hes home now and we moved again and I had to start with new drs again. Now they say that the reason my scs doesn’t work is because the leads are way to high in my spinal cord. But that I can’t be on pain meds because its bad. So here I am again, in bed. Yes I have gone to several ERs for pain and I get yelled at, dismissed with out an exam, all the time. One time I was crying for 9 days and finally went to the ER. I couldn’t hold still for an MRI because I was having muscle spasms or at least thats what I thought. They yelled at me for not being still and put me back in the room to tell me I was drug seeking. After finally calling my rep, she told me what I was decribing to her was constant shocks from the spinal cord stimulator, and to turn it off and then come see her for a reprogramming. I am so traumatized and my husband says I am not pleasant to be around because the pain makes me crabby and that I make the kids feel like I dont want to be around them because its hard for me to sit still for family movie nights. I feel so alone and I do have PTSD from all of this. Im looking for anyone who has been in chronic pain and I don’t like feeling all alone.

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      I like it. Thanks.

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