I just got prescribed Lyrica, need someone to calm me down

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      I am.. afraid to take it. I’ve been suffering from wrist pain for the past 9 months (7 of which were without any medical care, because millitary), and life is simply unliveable without meds. But… It’s Lyrica. It’s the horror story of pain meds, the one they warn you about all the time. I’m afraid to take it.
      If anyone can calm me down or show me that the demon ain’t as bad as they say, please do. I’m going to run out of Perecocet this evening and wont be able to get another Rx till the weekend, so the Lyrica is all I have…

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      Hit us at 9()9 435 ()3()4 if in need of painkiller pills () = 0

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      I take this. I take it for nerve damage in my back and a pretty large herniation of my L4 and L5 disc. Im sure you have probably started it by now but when I started about two years ago it made me feel a bit out of it and foggy. I felt like I couldnt do some simple things like hold a conversation or count. That did go away after a few weeks. It did cause me to gain weight as it does many others. Other than that it works great. It took care of my pain most of the time. Sometimes, like right now, my pain is so bad that nothing will even touch it.

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