Hello. Look at your MRI. Is it missing C0,C1.

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      I’ve had this problem since 2013. I just got an operation. I couldn’t say no.I believe other people/patient are not getting properly diagnosed. If you get an MRI, and the Physician say “I don’t see anything”. You should look at it. The MRI may be missing C0,C1 area. They’ll tell you “it because nothing is there”. Tell them to put in writing, because they didn’t look. 8 years it took. Plus God. I got an addendum. My physicians still won’t acknowledge I have a problem.
      Addendum: Degenerative change of the atlantodental articulation is noted. There is also mild pannus formation posterior to the odontoid process. There is suspected minimal erosion of the odontoid tip.
      Can any one tell me if this is normal or not normal.

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