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      Hey, anyone tried cranial osteopathy to treat early symptoms of Parkinson’s syndrome?
      I have an evil back pain and body posture issues due to the same.
      I was having allopathy meds and where I met this guy who is on the second stage of Parkinson’s. He suggested me this clinic of cranial osteopathy in Toronto, from where he got reduced his pain and discomforts of the first stage pd.
      Last week I had a session, after the detailed examination he said my three vertebrae are out of place. The doc stretched my neck area with an optimal pressure, it was hell kind of pain at the last click, surprisingly I felt much relieved and even started to feel better even after the first session!
      Also, he found there is some weak pulse to my brain. I just forget my every other distress when I get relieved from the bad neck pain.
      I wasn’t expecting anything from this treatment, but now I have become pretty interested about what change cranial osteopath going to reflect on the rest of me!
      The main thing I got impressed about the doc was he is not ready to promise anything yet doing his best. I’m not expecting anything, but I’m going to give a try by attending the coming sittings.
      Before that, I want to know if anyone on this board had a similar experience and went for cranial treatment? Please let me know if it was satisfying or not??

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