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      Today, I’m here to help one of my best friends. She is battling with constipation problem for a while. She is the mother of two adopted children. Her husband is so busy with his business and never tried to hear about her problems.
      I remember the days she used to wear jeans and shirts. But, later, when she started to have heavy stomach pain as part of constipation, she has given up even wearing her jeans. And now she only wears sweats with a drawstring waist. She wears styles with no waistband now. When she shared her problems with me, I felt so sad.
      I suggested her to try doing some exercise, but exercising was so painful for her. She had consulted many doctors, but couldn’t find relief from this constipation problem. And the worst part is she is all alone in her battle. I really wish to help her. I discussed this with a few of my other friends, and I got different suggestions like,
      > eat more fibre foods
      > drink more water
      > do exercise
      > Use laxatives
      and many more. And what I found something more helpful is the use of laxatives. Many people are using laxatives as a solution for constipation, and I got suggestions to use Colace clear capsules. I searched on this brand and found it’s a good one. I hope this would help her to get relief from her constipation problems. However, I would like to hear from those who had tried this. Are there any side effects for these laxatives?

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