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    Please visit and complete the survey. It’s 20 questions long, completely unanimous, and easy to complete. It is designed to see how well people’s chronic pain is being managed, and if they’ve been treated unfairly by other people, both medical and lay persons. I am in grad school to become a nursing teacher, and conducting a survey is one of the requirements for my classes. This subject is close to my heart. I’ve been suffering from nonstop chronic pain since July 2013. I want to help make a positive difference in other people’s lives. Please complete the survey as soon as you can.

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    You forgot to add a space for non-drug treatments, such as ice, heat, exercise, etc. Most of us, use meds along with other techniques.

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    Please avoid using the term “narcotic” as that is a law enforcement term that includes both licit and illicit substances. Opioids, opiates or opioid pain relievers are the more appropriate medical terms. We, in the pain field, have been working for over 2 decades to correct this terminology. I know as a future pain educator, you want to get this one right.

    Thanks for posting the survey!! Please share your results.

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      Thank you so much for letting me know! I changed all the wording on the survey so it doesn’t say narcotic anymore. I’ll be sure to express the importance of that to my students 🙂

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    Thank you for thinking to do a survey on this important topic. It was a little difficult for me as I am a pain management nurse and have directed my pain plan pretty much (my doctor had confidence in me prior to developing persistent pain). It was already noted about the absence of non-pharmacological interventions which many of us use and are an important part of our pain plan. The last question was awkward because I have never had my dose decreased so I don’t know what would happen to my activity level-I am sure it would plummet because my constant pain level would fall into my breakthrough level (which can be horrendous). Four questions I would love to have seen on the survey are 1) what is your primary pain syndrome? There are so many; “chronic pain” is not just one 2) Has your provider ever asked you if you can afford a treatment/medication-this is a huge issue for many, 3) Do providers other than the one managing your pain, give you grief/problems with either believing in your pain or its treatment, 4) If you have been hospitalized for any reason, has your pain plan been maintained as best as possible? You may have noticed my use of provider-we need to remember it may not be a physician but an Advanced Practice Nurse or Physician Assistant who is your pain person. Again it is great you are addressing this.

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    In future surveys I will be sure to include other treatment options like ice and heat. Thanks for suggesting additional questions. Someday I want to do a lot of research about chronic pain. For my class this survey could only have 20 questions unfortunately. When I’m a teacher though the sky will be the limit!

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    Mark Cooper

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