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      Hi, I am Jack from Toronto. I am a software engineer. I have to work long hours at one stretch. But, it has been several weeks since I started having back pain. I can’t concentrate on my work. I even can’t go for parties or hang out with my friends. Some of my friends Edited in accordance to TPC guidelines suggested consulting a massage therapy center.

      I researched several blogs and websites. I planned of consulting a center nearby. I haven’t got any idea about the procedures and treatments. Can anyone help me with it? Before approaching them, I would like to know your opinions and suggestions. Please do share it with me.

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      Hi Jack,

      I am Brad from Texas. I too have had some serious back problems with a herniated disk and currently dealing with MS.

      I was taking a lot of pain medications but came across this supplement called Kratom. It really works well for my back pain and has helped me get a much better night’s rest. Unsure if this is a permanent fix but it sure has helped for the time being.

      I found out information about it here.

      Life Changing Kratom Benefits – A Natural Way To A Better life

      Hope this helps Jack and maybe others that find out about this supplement.

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