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      Does anyone have any experience with CBD for pain relief?

      Several years ago my mum has an accident which caused the weakening of her spinal discs. Over time they were weakened to a point that they started disintegrating and she had surgery to insert a ‘cage’ at the top of her spine/base of her neck. This was supposed the strengthen her spine and help manage the pain but it actually made the pain worse. She has since been on a cocktail of drugs that make her irritable, tired and in an almost drunk-like state most of the time. She spoke to her doctor about weaning off these tablets and has started to slowly do so. I bought her some CBD capsules to help manage this process and stop the pain getting much worse. We eventually hoped she could use this in place of her regular meds. She has a good balance at the moment. She is weaning off successfully and claims that the CBD helps to manage the pain. However, I am wondering if anyone knows the longterm impact of taking CBD? Is it ok to make this switch over a long term period? Are there any side effects we should be aware of? Does anyone use ONLY CBD for chronic back pain? And does this work? For reference, this is what she know has

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