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      I have been noticing that my child always sits very close to the TV or computer screen. I thought it was his curiosity which makes him sitting too close to the TV. I used to blame him that sitting too close to the TV makes you blind and all, but he always sits so imminently to the TV. Once I had noticed that he is squinting to see a friend across the street and when I ask him about this, I get to know that he has a focus problem. He sees things clearly up close, but objects in the distance are blurry to him. In school, he has trouble seeing the blackboard and has difficulty playing sports. It may be because of this he always sits so imminently to the TV. When I consulted the doctor, it had diagnosed that he has some focus problem. He said that the childhood focus problem easily treated by eyeglasses. But it makes him distress to carry the glasses on his nose all the time. I have heard about the centres for laser vision correction in Toronto that will eliminate the need for everyday contact lenses and glasses. But can kids have laser surgery? Is there an age limit for eye laser surgery? Can someone help me with sharing your thoughts on it?

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      It was a informative post. Thank you for sharing your experience. It can help other people have an eye on their child.

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