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      i have had 5 back operations within the last 15 yrs. i am experiencing severe lower back pain with the pain going from middle of back all the way to my upper part of hip for the last week. i seen pain management doctor and she put me on steroids i just finished the meds today and have no relief, my L4/5 and the next down are fused. the pain is so bad i can not stand it. anyone have a similar experience and what helped you.

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      Michael Steele

      Yes, I have had severe back pain. Just like you, I have tried many things to at least ease the pain. Nothing worked. Then a friend asked me to try CBD oil. My friend gave me a link to get some free samples to try out. I clicked the link got the samples and in about a little over an hour I could feel the pain ease away. I believe you can experience similar results. Here is the link given to me


      Click on that link above to get your samples. This stuff really works.

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      How are you now?
      Sorry dear, I have not experienced such a thing.

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