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      Hi, my name is Karen. I have Arthritis/Siatica pain 24/7. My doctor told me that it is no longer safe for me to take Acetaminophen (Tylenol-Vicodin). Has anybody got any suggestions.

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      What is your doctor’s reason? Is there concern about the acetaminophen exposure or the hydrocodone? Last summer 2014, combination hydrocodone + acetaminophen was up-scheduled by the DEA to class 2 (from class 3) which means it can no longer be refilled or called in to the pharmacy as was done before; it has to follow the same rules as the other opioids like oxycodone, morphine, dilaudid and fentanyl. Some clinicians have decided to stop or significantly lower the ordering of vicodin (or lortab) for that reason.

      Can you take NSAID’s, like ibuprofen or naproxen?

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        I would find out why the no on acetaminophen. Was it prescribed in addition to other medication?. I myself am very leery of NSAIDs such as ibuprofen as they have many serious side effects and are considered for short term use only. I do know people with arthritis who do well on low dose opioids and there are several other medications out there which might work for you. If you have not been there, the Arthritis Foundation is a good source of information. Check our education list on TPC website also. The sciatica may be more responsive to medication more specific for neuropathic pain as well.

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      I was getting percocet, U myself requested to be switched to oxycodone due to occasional liver pain. Years of taking Tylenol can be damaging. I started feeling better and took Tylenol as needed “maybe 3x a month. I incorporated omega 3 ” gummy fish oil, purchased tumeric and used daily on food iteks and it seems to help.. I no longer have liver pain, thank God. Sure wish I could say ” I no longer have pain but sadly that’s never going to be possible.. Hope this helps, God bless you and hope you feel better.

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