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Dionetta Hudzinski

Noki4, I am a big advocate of water therapy. It has so many benefits, relaxation, pain relief, increased flexibility, decreased feelings of isolation, increased socialization, increased stamina, weight loss etc etc.
In our small town we have 2 public pools one inside that operates in the fall, winter and spring for $2/visit. and one outside that operates in the summer for the same cost.
I got lucky when I went on Medicare because now my Medicare advantage plan pays for my membership to the Athletic club. I can not go anytime of the day or night and use the pool which is warmer water.
Another option is to contact one of the Hotels with pools and see if they would give you a good deal on using their pool during the day. most of these pools sit idle most days.
I also think we should be contacting insurance companies to include this benefit in their policies. It is preventative care, and it is treatment for those in pain and an essential part of an exercise program for anyone with back and/or joint pain. Individuals on DSHS/COPES in WA can get a month’s pass to use the public pool if it is recommended as part of their treatment plan.

Good luck, hope you can get to use the pool more often in your area…it is so beneficial.