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Back pain is such a complicated thing. I too deal with degenerative joints, stenosis, spontaneous fusion, scoliosis, and a bunch of other diagnoses that I’m not able to spell (let alone pronounce). It is an up and down journey literally and figuratively. When I’m up, I’m able to walk a fair amount as long as I keep moving. It is the standing still that literally wears me down. My physical therapy team has given me a modified pilates/yoga/isometric routine to keep me working on my core strength. I’ve not been able to swim for several reasons (asthma response to chlorine, reynaud’s flare when it is cold, and some other weird stuff) so I rely on other stuff.

I have a far-infrared heating pad for my back that I use a couple of times a week to reduce spasms and stretch out those knots. Epsom salt baths or foot soaks help a great deal also.