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Maggie and noki4 – my degenerative disc is ease started when I realized that I was developing back pain while holding my 1 year old son (2nd child) also! And…dealing with a team is the best way to try to live/learn to live with back pain because it can be very complicated. Beware of surgeries – they can fix one problem and open the door to a whole new set of issues. I see a pain psychologist – well respected and a leader in alternative pain treatment methods. He started me with a book – ACT Made Simple by Russ Harris. I have to start reading it again to get on track! The book teaches you to accept what is out of your control, it teaches you how to take action to enrich your life by accepting pain – learning to separate that which is pain from you as a human being. It teaches you how to observe pain from the sidelines instead of being personally consumed by it. I have to start reading it again. I get sidetracked with doctors and plans for more surgery – while this book is waiting for me to pick up. I recommend it – available on kindle. My Pain psychologist, Dr Lewandowski uses ACT treating patients and has written books and pain workbooks to help patients learn how to live with pain instead of constantly fighting it. It’s not easy, but it might be worth your time to give it a try. Nicole