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Hi. I “deal” with back pain through multiple methods – lots of walking, ice/heat, acupuncture, stretching, medications (narcotics, anti-inflammatory meds, muscle relaxers), visits with a pain psychologist, pain management doctors and ablations….well, you name it. I have had three surgeries and a flesh eating infection that has left the back of my right leg permanantly numb. And numbness is a good thing! Now I cope with arthritis and severe si joint pain. I utilize every method possible to help me manage my pain both physically and psychologically. Sometimes I am able to pretend it doesn’t exist by masking it with medication and nerve blocks…and pretending I am a normal mom on “good” pain days. But I am not. I am always hurting….it is only the pain level that changes. Always hurting. It wears me down, depresses me, makes me feel like a failure as a mom, wife, teacher. It has destroyed me. Ages me. The only reason I am still here is because of my family. So I guess that is how I deal with pain. I look at my family and realize that they are worth more than my pain. They keep me going. Without them, as a younger adult…..well, I do not think I would be strong enough to keep going. Over the past 7 years, I have learned empathy and I ache not only for myself, but for every good person out there dealing with chronic pain.