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Dionetta Hudzinski

Hi everyone, interesting topic. Noki4, yes my heat related migraines come on fast and furious, sort of like from 0 – 60 in a matter of minutes. So I try to prevent them rather than have to treat them. I also find that the sun’s brightness will trigger a migraine. I live in the part of the state where we have deep blue cloudless skies most of the time. a blessing and a curse. I wear sun glasses at all times when out in the sun. and I wear my cataract sun protector glasses when the sun is extremely intense. Today driving home from Walla Walla (2.5 hour drive) the sky was overcast with a haze…I did not wear my sun glasses for the first hour and began to feel a migraine beginning…so I put the Cataract shades on an increased the AC in the car and drank some iced coffee and it did not progress into a full blown migraine. just sort of have a slight headache behind and around my eyes but not bad enough to slow me down…just annoying.
TPC_YaYa, as always individual differences in onset, cause, and treatment persist among those of us with migraines. I applaud you for being aware of what works best for you. we are our own experiment of one.
here’s to headache free days and enjoy the rest of the summer…stay cool, drink that water, and do what ever it is that you do for prevention if at all possible.