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Dionetta Hudzinski

Hi Maggie and Noki4, The summer heat does affect my migraines as well. I try to stay out of the sun or wear a sun hat (it also causes severe itching of my exposed skin) I wear a neck thingy that is a tube with water absorbent pellets inside that when soaked in water for awhile expand into a gel which stays cool. (I have found them in pharmacies and novelty stores.) wearing this around my neck when it is hot really helps. If I do get a heat related migraine I: 1)get into a cool area ASAP, fan or AC is a must at this point 2) drink a full 8 oz of water, room temp not iced 3) take BC headache powder in 8 oz of water.(it is an anti inflammatory which I have found that works best for me) 4) place a castor oil pack (straight out of the freezer) on my forehead and back of neck and lay down for about an hour. this usually will take care of it.
I used to take RX sumatriptan but found the BC powders to work effectively and I do not get the total body aches any more that I used to get from the Sumatriptan.