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It’s time to update here. There have not been many changes in my day to day activities. The summer heat is here. While most of my dock mates have air-conditioners I make do with a fan. As long as there is air moving over me I’m ok. The day time temps may be in the 90’s but that is less than the 120 that my shop used to hit at this time of the year. I did notice that when the temps dipped to 70 overnight I woke up being cold. Cold means increased pain for me so I’ll take the heat.
I gave up driving a while ago. I am no longer a safe driver. Yesterday I sold my van so it’s official! everything I own is now aboard the Lonoh. In spite of her modest size (33 feet) I have extra room aboard.
The only thing I miss is my library. I brought 3 milk crates of books with me when I moved aboard. Most of them have been read now so it’s time to swap them in for new ones.
My choice of books was designed to keep my brain active. I have read a history of Sparta. The Peloponnesian war was the subject of my last read. Those along with a history of the “myth” of Cleopatra kept interest in history fed. A book called “the fabric of the cosmos” made my head hurt with the ideas it presented. It discussed quantum physics quantum mechanics, and string theory. I won’t pretend to understand or remember all of what I’ve read. That isn’t the point. Just exposing my poor addled brain to new ideas slows down the process of my brain turning to mush. For days that I can’t follow the hard subjects I have the complete works of O’Henry. He wrote around the turn of the century. 1900 is the time frame. I’m an old fart and that’s what century I think of. He had a wonderful mastery of vocabulary. That combined with his sense of humor allow him to mangle the language to create a rich imagery. There are times my brain can’t follow his twists and turns. When that happens I switch to authors like Zane Gray and Louis L’Amor. Though their stories fall in the dime novel category they are still well written and easy to follow with a minimum of memory. This morning I started an account of a trip aboard a freighter from England to the upper Amazon in 1910.
To quote a famous pig “That’s all folks’
take acre of each other and have a gentle day