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Welcome Fortunateone
My pain journey started in the late 70’s. A lot of the docs I saw originally are retired or dead. hospitals have closed. Keep track of all your own records visit by visit.
One of the most frustrating parts of the pain journey is the lack of doctors. There are some horrible docs out there. There are also a lot that are overworked and have no idea where to even begin with some-one with such complex issues. I’ve had docs swear “I’m with you and we’ll figure it out”. Ten tests later they’re out of ideas and I’m on my own. Then there the few AMAZING docs that get it even if they don’t have the answers they take the time to learn and at least support you. Advise from my favorite doc “listen to and trust your body you know it best”
I hope the docs figure out what is happening to you and can put it right. You found a good community when you stumbled in here. We’ll support you while the docs fix you. If they can’t we’ll help you find ways to get through the journey
for now think about the group calls and chats
have a gentle day
quack quack
bd and Ms. Kitty