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Welcome to TPC. I know you find help, friendship, and support from those of us living with persistent pain . I spent 20+ years as a pain management nurse and they developed persistent pain after brain surgery 6 years ago. It has been a learning experience to say the very least. My husband has his own pain as does my daughter so they are very supportive but trying to explain things to others-well you know all too well how hard it is. The thing I find hardest is I would like to be the “fun grandma” but I just can’t. Mornings are fairly good for me but afternoons aren’t. That goes for other functions as well so I can empathize with giving up your dreams.
I also used to have a cake decorating business and did all my children’s wedding cakes. That has pretty much gone by the wayside as you know it isn’t very pain friendly. On the other hand you don’t have to give up a love of cooking. A couple of others have mentioned the blog I do on cooking with pain. I try to give a lot of tips on making it easy and coping as well as providing recipes. Check the archives because the last blog was number eleven. I would direct you to the blogs period as there is a lot of information and support. Welcome!