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I love being a part of this journey, talking to you on the phone, opening my email to find more wonderful pictures always makes me smile.

I think for many of us that are following you and ms. kitty on this journey, we see hope.
Hope that one day — just maybe — we will be able to step out of the world that we are living in now and be able to start our own journey. The journey that we may have already planned over the years but due to a million different circumstances, we just cannot take that step yet.

I loved when you said, “it’s by accepting the course of things and trying to find a path that keeps the magic of the journey alive.”
I could read those lines over and over again. Moving forward on the path’s we find is what we all must do. Going backwards helps no-one — going forward is living life.

I would love to see lots of pictures of everything and anything you want to share with us. I would like to hear more of your thoughts on this journey. Thoughts about the pain, the journey, ms. kitty, old friendships & new friendships you’ve made along the way and roadblocks that have popped up and how you detoured around them.

Love ya,