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I apologize for not being here sooner. My trip to Alabama last week was successful. The woman at the council on ageing helped me fill out forms and get paperwork settled. The next steps can be done over the phone and she arranged for me to get transportation when I return in the boat. It was a quick trip. I left on Tuesday morning and returned Wednesday night. While in Alabama I emptied out my storage unit that I had rented when I first sold my house in North Carolina. This week I emptied out the storage unit here in Panama City. Everything I own is now in the van or aboard the Lonoh.
I was amazed at how much the trip to Alabama took out of me. It was a full week before I had come close to recovering. I have taken the lesson to heart and work a little on the boat each day but spend a lot of time just sitting in the cockpit or sleeping.
I have company coming on Sunday for a few days. At some point next week there is a plan to follow a friend from the marina to an anchorage a few miles from here for a few days away from the dock. Hopefully there will be some good pictures that come from that.
The new shirt was dyed by my neighbor at the marina. They sell them at festivals around the area.