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Just think of “venting” as part of your “pain plan”. Stress is not the friend of someone living with persistent pain no matter the cause. Yet pain in itself causes stress and certainly our activities of daily living contributes as well. Being able to talk about our pain and frustrations surrounding it allows us to “di-stress” a bit. Noki4 mentioned having young children to care for ; I have grandchildren who live with us about 70% of the time (we nearly always have one and some days have all three) and one day my son said the 10 year old would be here on our one Saturday kid free (we have all three every other Saturday). I had a bit of a meltdown-I love her dearly however I look forward to our “kid free” days. I can’t imagine how Noki4 manages being a full time mom; I am in awe. So see I just vented as well and yes it feels better, so please vent away; it is one of the reasons we are here.