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We have Wi-Fi on the dock now.
My son came and spent a week. That seems like a lifetime ago. awe had a great time. Unfortunately I did not listen to my body when it told me to slow down. I managed to keep it up until I got up to walk Caleb to his car to leave. My back muscles locked up. I went into a full myofascial pain flair. For the next few days my back was so tight that every time I tried to move I passed out. Even unconscious my muscles stayed locked and I’d come to in the same position. I’m better now. It only took three weeks to recover.
Cool weather has arrived. The ac has been packed away and I’m enjoying the time before the heater needs to come out. The nights are cold. At least the low 50’s feels cold. I have a warm sleeping bag so I’m fine. The days have warmed up and been beautiful. I have been sleeping a lot trying to regain what energy I can.
Ms. Kitty has been spending more time off the boat. Yesterday she came back aboard with a lizard hanging out of her mouth. She dropped it on the aft deck and it immediately dashed under a coil of line. Ms. Kitty spent the next hour trying to track it down. I told her I would be very unhappy if it ran across my face while I was asleep. I haven’t seen it so I’m hoping it’s found it’s way ashore.
that’s all for now
have a gentle day and take care of each other
quack quack