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I have degenerative disk disease, RA ( Reumatoid Arthritus/autoimmune of some sort) and ACDF of C7-C4,problems al over my spine at this point. And Lord knows what else now. Shopping is always either treat or big burden. I don’t go out much so I kind of cherish shopping more than anything. Biggest problem I have is getting bigger items out of the cart from the bottom or cart into my car. A fold down front would be awesome do I could slide items directly into my SUV from the cart would be awesome. Lifting several heavy bags hurts like hell. So this would be great. Maybe some kind of push system that doesn’t require me to contort my spine which already looks crooked and as if shark teeth are growing connected into my lungs. Mostly stores don’t want you to lift the heavy items any more, at least more than you have to. For me the cart is my “walker” and stabilizer if I have problems walking during shopping. The grabber is a great tool and would be super awesome. I think a really neat thing would be secure atep. Fold down step. Plastic light weight on side of cart. 18″ width with safety rail incorporated. The worst is trying to reach things higher and lower. I can’t always have someone tall with me. But a safe step that allows me to reach an item at 6′ is awesome. I am 5’3″. With my messed up neck and back I get tired of waiting for a store employee, good Samaritan for items clunky for a grabber. Just daydreaming here.