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Hi JosephR56,

I am sorry you are not getting pain relief. I am not a medical professional so I am unable to name or recommend any medications. You could speak to your provider about the difference between short-acting and long-acting medications.

Long-acting medications are made to release the medications over a longer period of time and many pain patients find that they cover the pain better.

I would like to also let you know about our phone support call.
It is every Tuesday at 7:00 pm ET
Call in number: 267-807-9601 Passcode: 491-268-096 and press the # key.

The TPC Outreach Support Conference calls are FREE, but please check your long distance calling plan to see if any standard long distance rates apply.

I do hope you are able to work with your provider to find the right pain treatments.

My best to you,

TPC Community Moderator

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