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Sorry to hear about all the problems you are having to deal with the VA. Unfortunately, I hear this all to often from fellow veterans. I served at Camp Lejeune from 1984-1987 so was on the tail end before they finally capped off the wells. In the last few months I have been going through a battery of tests after they noticed problems with my liver. Still no set prognosis but they are blaming Tylenol and alchohol. Have you registered with the VA that the VA has for Camp Lejeune vets?
Getting pain meds from any source is next to impossible now. Talking to my primary care about what I am supposed to do about my chronic pain and all she did was give me lidocaine patches and a topical ointment, neither of which do anything for the pain. I wish you the best for finding some relief from pain.

Semper Fi,

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