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I’ve been in pain since 91. 30 years owning 8 schools in MMA. Plus i trained horses. Intense wrecks doing these 7 days a week. Never sought help till 2004. But i’m now sick to death of being treated badly by Drs. If i listed everything that’s happened to me you’d think i should be dead. I had a good dr for 11 years. I was doing better till 2019 he retired then i fractured my vertebrae. Had 2 concussions to add to the 9 i had before. Started with a new dr it was going ok then he literally disappeared. Next dr hurt me so bad. I had to quit doing the little bit of work i can do for 2 months an it’s still not getting better. I have a lot of arthritis but my lower back an right hip is killing me. Can’t lay on it or let it hang lower than my hip laying other way. She did x-rays an said there’s nothing wrong with your hip. Totally calling me a liar that i’m in pain. I e had piriformis syndrome an it hurts like that. Glass in my ass. She acts like every time she talks to me that i’m a idiot. I spent 30 years with anatomy an physiology. Taught body building. I know what the body does. I’ve taught drs things about how muscles work that i can’t believe they didn’t know. Yet we let these pet work on us. I have to take pain killers. I have taken myself off them for months at a time. But she wants to shame and belittle me. I wish she could feel the chronic pain i have. They gave me 4 shots so they can identify the nerves for RBF. I was going ok till Thursday an i bent over not doing anything but petting my dog an my back went. It felt like it did with the other two heirniations. My back was in horrible spasms all weekend. Losing my bladder. Pain meds didn’t touch it. I use a tens machine, ice packs heating pad, lidocaine patches an crepe. Started using frankincense an DMSO. Which helped a little. But i’m sure she will say i’m lying. I’m 60 years old. Went thru years of physical an mental abuse. I don’t have to lie to anyone. I gutted out 2 heirniated discs with no meds.
On top of it just got diagnosed with diabetes 2. I have horrible fibro which exacerbates the back pain.
I never get to do anything anymore. my life came to a halt. why would i choose this.
I’m at the point an have been for a long time that if this is all i have to look forward to i don’t want to live. To lay here an just glow with pain. i’m sick of the meds an having to worry about it an a drs narcissist attitude.