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My husband has chronic headpain all the time,from a concussion and an invasive nasal surgery.He spends the whole day in bed. I’m furious with the govt, and the doctors. They just won’t help you if you have chronic pain.My husband has been suffering for 16 yrs. Doctors only put him through some ridiculous treatments the do nothing.I can’t tell you how many things he has tried!!He ven had electrodes and wires implanted in the back of his head. He did have one dr that allowed him to have a small amount of Norco BUT only if he paid 1500 every 3 months for a useless Botox treatment.botox never helped his head pain but the dr made us pay 1500 every 3 months anyway.we couldn’t afford it and we told him it didn’t work but it made no difference, so we had to stop seeing him. Why is it you are allowed to kill yourself at the end of life and allowed to kill your baby at 9 months but if you have chronic debilitating pain you CANT have a pain pill?I thought doctors were supposed to help people.Nope all they do is put you on all the latest new drugs that don’t do shit and they have side effects! Narcotics take my husbands pain away but nope you can’t have it.Dont patients have rights to be out of pain? We need a lawyer to sue the government to give us our right to pain relief.