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Hi, I’m in the same position. I have Arachnoiditis and most Dr’s have no idea what that is. All they want me to do is more injections and other procedures including more surgeries.

I’ve had my first surgery in 1999 for a laminectomy and the second in 2000 was for installing rods and screws where the disc was removed. Pain just kept getting worse. Then came the injections. Those did absolutely nothing and may have caused my Arachnoiditis. I’m told they may have pierced my spinal cord.

So now 18 years of being on pain meds. Most have been prescribed in those years by my primary care physician but for some reason with the health system I go to, my PCP keep disappearing. They either get fired, change profession, quit or whatever and I get a new one. Each time I go thru hoops to continue my meds. This time the new one wants nothing to do with my meds. He sent me to a Pain Management Dr. and they want me to go thru more injections.