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Ray Ray

Good Day All ,

I am having hard time with my feet , they are burning like crazy , I am unable to wear shoes or even sandals , the bottom of my feet burns like crazy , and even a night my feet can not touch each other at all, I sleep with pillows between my knees to separate my legs and feet from touching each other , And they are swollen I can see where my ankles start or stop its just round. I tried doing some research and there is a lot of things that can cause this, but what I am thinking is nerve damage, I know the Ankylosing Spondilytis attack your nerves , But i do not have medical Aid and can not go to hospital because I am unable to stand at all my for 2 seconds before I start feeling unconformable ,I mean I can not even stand in the Que at our local KFC to get lunch , I am worried I might end up in a wheel chair as I dont have the money to see specialist and the still pay for treatment it is concerning I dont know what to do , but funny enough when I am walking I do not feel the pain only when I stop and stand ,

So what role the A.S and Fibro are playing I dont know , I cant afford any medications except for the Morphine Syrup so I am not under any real treatment either so i dont know what to do .

If anyone has any suggestions I would appreciated it , anything is better than nothing.