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Hi Soos,

It’s been a while, just wondering how your knee has been? In July, I was starting to do squats and on the first squat I heard a tearing sound in my left knee. It hurt for a brief second and then I thought nothing of it. About a week later my knee started to hurt. Well this is now November and since then my knee has never NOT hurt. I’m in pain when I go to sleep and in pain when I wake. I’ve finally been diagnosed with a left knee effusion (after a CT scan, X-ray and MRI finally showed the fluid) and my doc said go see a Rheumatologist to rule out arthritis. If that’s ruled out then she will drain my knee. So, I was wondering if maybe you need a second or even third opinion. (the first Ortho I went to give me a cortisone shot in September which did absolutely nothing). Knee braces suck, roll down and hurt the back of knee indent, so that’s no help. You are so young and you’ve been living with that pain for so long, I cannot image it. I do notice when I RICE my knee and have it elevated overnight it feels better the next day (I’ve just recently started doing this). So, I think I’m going to try and home-remedy my knee because I’ve seen the videos on YouTube about the aspiration and I’m scared shitless…LOL. Let me know how you’re doing. 🙂