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Ray Ray


Thank you for your response , it is really nice to speak to someone with A.S it is not a common thing so finding some one else is always a blessing for me.

My Doctor is advising the same, if i may ask how long have you been living with A.S , what medications do you feel have helped the most.

And the flair ups how do you keep them under control, I am struggling with that , the pain is always a given just the level that differs from day to day, my biggest struggle is the flair ups.
But it is a bit confusing because I have been diagnosed with Fibromaligia as well, so I dont really know when what is acting up only I can feel the pain is building and building then it just hits me out of nowhere .

I have been self injecting with Voltaren some times it helps but not always, any tried and tested advise you can give me .