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Hey! First and foremost listen to what everyone else is saying and go back to the doctor, the pain you may have can be genetic or have formed on its own. Regardless of what the doctor tells you, you need to be conscious of your posture at all times. Its not your fault but younger generations are exposed to lots of new things. Schools make you teenagers carry more books than your spine can handle every single day, computers, whether used for work, or entertainment, cause you to lean forward in a way your back isn’t supposed to lean for hours on end, and phones cause you to always look down messing up your neck posture. All these things add up and hurt your spine becoming the main reason as to why your back may be hurting at such a young age. However, if you are conscious and take the right daily precautions you can slowly but surely fix your posture and in result attain a healthier back. Watch videos on foward neck posture, how to stand, and how to sit properly. There’s nothing wrong with sitting while watching tv, reading a book, or playing a game, as long as you sit properly if you want to sit on a couch for comfort try getting recliner chairs that are made for back pain. Heres a link if you want to take a look, good luck and make another doctors appointment! it should give you an idea of what the right chair may be for you