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Hi Coldfire, I hope you are doing well now. I’m really sorry to know about your health condition. The trouble with chronic pain is that it is so easy to become accustomed to it, both mentally and physically. At first, it’s absolutely agonizing; it’s the only thing you think about, like a rock in your shoe that rubs your foot raw with every step. Then the constant rubbing, the pain and the limp all become part of the status quo, the occasional stabbing pain just a reminder.

I suffered a lot and it was too much for me trying everything possible. One of my good friend he suggested me a cream and I tried it for a couple of months and believe me it was the first product I got a positive result. I’m giving you the link below just try it and I believe you will be good. I tried it that’s why recommending you. I really hope and pray that you will get well soon.