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Thank you Tyron for sharing and I know how hard it is and I’m really afraid when I get those last 28 pills next week. I have pain on top of pain if you know what I mean and pain is real, it’s not a figment of our imagination. I’m having back injections in the morning so I haven’t been allowed to take ibuprofen (which I use with my pain meds) for the week prior to, so hopefully I’ll get a little relief. You know my mom has lots of pain, many medical issues and I have thought in the past that she takes lots of meds and it should help, but now I know it doesn’t take it away, it can numb some of it though. I’m waiting until after my procedure to change over from TRICARE Prime to US Family Health Plan and maybe I can find a doctor to listen. I had great health care and a great doctor before I got laid off, so know I rely on TRICARE and the VA and its really frustrating. I understand about not sleeping, I might fall asleep, but in a few hours I’m up, I use my heating pad 24/7, started drinking tea and usually fall back to sleep in a bad position and then I hurt even more. I’m going to contact the Patient Advocate for my area and let them know what happened, that my provider who I’ve never seen made a decision without considering my physical or mental health, or lack of. I’ll keep you posted. Good luck to you and remember that each of us is worth it, we matter and if you ever get low, make a phone call, reach out to a friend, or post here and I’ll respond. I’m still trying to figure this site out, bear with me, but know that you have me in your corner.