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Hello Susan, I am in the same boat unfortunately. We can thank the president for a lot of it. It depends on what state you are in, well for outside Help I mean, VA is about the same in the US. I take Morphine and Oxycodone, but I have to go outside the VA to a pain specialist. I am living in fear each month hoping and praying that the medications are not taken away from me. VA just mainly says the pain is in my thought, some psychological medications is all they will give. It plays with you mind and I find I am confused and still in pain. I am not sleeping much, but the can’t give me medications for that. It is a sad and miserable life. I really don’t think I can live without help. I am a believer in God, so suicide is not Godly. But man pain never goes away. VA is trying to be the cold hearted SOB. I am sorry I have not been much help. I just needed to vent. I hope you understand. Right now the option are better outside of VA. Good luck and keep your head up. Let us all know it you find anything. We’ll do the same.