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I’m sorry you’re going through this. I’m probably not much help. Are you having any dizziness with the nausea and how long ago did you stop NSAIDS? Are you able to eat anything and if so, does that help the nausea? Are you taking anything for pain now? Is any doctor helping you with any of this?

Just little things that help me manage are doing things that make you feel less stressed even if you just watch TV and do nothing. I know that you are under a lot of stress from not being able to work or go to school but you can’t force your body to do something it just can’t. Are there classes or work you can do from home? I would talk to the doc about nausea too because I have zofran for mine when it gets bad. When mine is just really annoying I learned to bite my little finger…just stick it in your mouth and bite down in the middle of the nail. I don’t remember who taught me this but it works.

Stay in touch. Hang in there. I think most of us have been where you are. I was at the top of my game at work when all of my stuff hit and 1.5 years later, I had to go on disability…and I am a type A workaholic and still am. So it’s hard but you do the best you can.